Dear friends and patrons of The Olive Branch Café.

The Café has closed after many years of providing healthy foods choices that glorify God.

The Mission of the ARK of which the café was a subsidiary will continue.

The café was not successful in building a customer base necessary for viability and therefore could not be the self-sustaining ministry it endeavored to be.

Many changes have happened over the years to provide a café that would be successful in pointing the public to God’s bounty. Thank you to everyone who contributed their time and resources endeavoring to share the truth of God’s love and provision for all creation. Thank you to our loyal customers who supported the Café, we will miss you all.  The best diet is one that acknowledges this truth about our creator; God has provided all things necessary. My hope was to point our customers in that direction, to share the assurance that in all aspects of living our God provides.​​

© 2017 The Olive Branch Cafe  

The Ark Lifestyle Education Center

791 Lisbon St. Lewiston, ME 04240